The Tech Experts

IT Support for Homes and Small Businesses in Thornhill, Toronto and GTA

Application Development Portfolio

Access and SQL Server Database Applications

Enhanced an off-the-shelf time and billing program

  • Added tables and reports to support accounting by Partner
  • Added tables and reports to support more detailed month-end reconciliation
  • Added reports to support a variety of other requirements such as work done for a particular client, client lists, follow up lists, etc.
  • Wrote an interface to import photocopy and phone charge data from a data collection system, and to export client lists to data collection terminals
  • Migrated application from Access to SQL Server

Created queries to convert data in external files from one format to another, and then created macros so a scheduled task could run the conversion process automatically

Excel Workbooks and Functions

Designed a pair of linked workbooks to store customer list and order list, and to calculate various order statistics using pivot tables

Enhanced existing invoice forms in Excel to calculate totals and to fill in customer and address information from a database

Designed an add-in written in Visual Basic to add custom functions to Excel to support converting all the input values and output formulas and unit of measure text in a complex workbook from Imperial to Metric on-the-fly, and to support mixed U/M calculations

Created graphs, filters and pivot tables to analyze data in existing workbooks or retrieved from databases

Built a workbook to process text from scanned Visa statements to clean the data and convert to data tables

Built workbooks to read data from one text file, convert to a different format, and output to a second file

Built dozens of workbooks to format and analyze business data, such as for real estate property analysis, mortgage tables, fixed asset lists, etc. 


Added a couple of custom tabs to Outlook Contacts to store information about client contacts such as business classification, which mailings to send, who is the managing partner, etc.

Wrote VB Script for Contacts to:

  • Store a change history in the Notes field
  • Enforce permissions to allow only certain users to modify certain fields
  • Choose the FileAs format based on which fields were available, without overwriting manually set FileAs
  • Force required entries in certain fields before the user could save changes 


Created templates incorporating corporate graphics

Created presentations for clients based on existing brochures

Authored training presentations 


Created product labels and business cards 


Wrote .cmd scripts to set default options for Word upon program installation to support the sharing of workgroup templates

Created workgroup templates to standardize documents across the company, such as letterheads, memos, etc.

Created workgroup templates to add custom toolbars to all Word users to add functionality like adding signature lines with email address and phone number drawn from a database, and adding client name and address from Outlook (before this functionality was added by MS).

Wrote a program in VBA to extract information from Outlook, including custom fields which Outlook does not automatically export

Automated mail merge with an input form that let user select contacts based on commonly used rules

Created templates for multi-chapter documents with over one hundred pages containing tens of styles and advanced formatting features like tables, indexes, cross references, lists, multiple numbering styles, headers and footers that change based on the page content and document properties, etc.

Created templates that fill in the blanks using information extracted from a database based on the customer number entered in the Client custom property. 


Wrote .cmd scripts to automate software distribution and facilitate setting up hardware and users in a networked environment

Wrote a system to compress and transfer data on a daily basis from multiple sites to a central office over WAN links, with the ability to report failures and their cause, and to distribute new versions of itself to all sites when the software was updated

Wrote .cmd scripts to enable older software circa DOS and Windows 3.1 to run in newer versions of Windows

Website Development Portfolio

Lotus Blossom Handmade Bath and Body Products

This engagement covered all aspects of designing and building an e-commerce website, including ...

  • Evaluating and selecting e-commerce software (Miva Merchant)
  • Evaluating and selecting a web host
  • Evaluating options for merchant accounts, and setting up a merchant account in the USA
  • Setting up the payment gateways ( and PayPal)
  • Installing e-commerce software on server (Miva Merchant) and sourcing and installing add-on modules
  • Creating header graphics and color scheme
  • Authoring over forty static pages, including all layout, photography and copywriting of information pages and articles
  • Taking all product photos and writing all product copy
  • Writing procedures to integrate the storefront into the business, e.g. to e-mail order confirmations, create invoices, etc.
  • Ongoing maintenance

(This website has been discontinued.)

Lotus Blossom Home Page

Lotus Blossom Home Page

Stromiga Inc., Real Estate Development

This engagement covered all aspects of designing and building a corporate presence website, including ...

  • Setting up the domain and web host
  • Providing a choice of layouts and colour schemes for client approval
  • Creating corporate logo graphics
  • Writing first draft of all copy and incorporating subsequent changes made by client
  • Taking all building photographs and enhancing them as needed

(This website was replaced using another developer. The Tech Experts continues to provide the copy and photographs and manages the changes.)

Stromiga Home Page

Stromiga Home Page

The Tech Experts (this website)

The first version of this corporate presence website (pictured here) was built using FrontPage. When FrontPage support was discontinued I migrated the website using GoDaddy's Website Builder.

The Tech Experts (FrontPage website)

The Tech Experts (FrontPage website)