The Tech Experts

IT Support for Homes and Small Businesses in Thornhill, Toronto and GTA

System Integration

We can help you implement and integrate proven, cost-effective technologies to achieve your specific business objectives. For example, we can:

  • Identify hardware and software applications applicable to solving your problems
  • Show you how to use off-the-shelf programs like MS Office and Simply Accounting to solve common business problems
  • Test new systems to ensure they work properly, and identify potential problems integrating the new system into an existing environment
  • Program interfaces to transfer data from one program or system to another
  • Facilitate and supervise the transfer of data from an existing system to a new system, and cutting over to a new system
  • Enhance systems that expose a database interface or service with new queries, reports and modules
  • Document existing systems, including hardware and software, networks, database schema, inputs, outputs, data flows, reports, etc.
  • Write new procedures to integrate a computer system into the business
  • Publish procedures in a procedure manual or on an internal website to improve conformance to procedures, reduce the load on your tech support department, and train users more rapidly and consistently
  • Audit conformance to Standard Operating Procedures, and provide training as required (we are particularly adept in providing a learning atmosphere that encourages users to ask questions)
  • Create an implementation plan with tasks, time and cost estimates, timeline, and responsibilities

System Integration Projects Portfolio

Designed formal requirements and tests to certify pharmacy systems interfacing with a province-wide prescription database using HL7. Provided detailed input into interface specifications. Commenced designing and programming related certification toolkit in Java.

Helped start up a company to manufacture bath and body products. Sourced suppliers and purchased raw materials and supplies. Set up an e-commerce web site, including aesthetic design, photography, copywriting and marketing. Wrote operational procedures.

Sourced business management software for a public relations firm, documenting pros and cons of each candidate in a features matrix. Implemented selected software and trained users.

Sourced property management / accounting software for a property development firm, documenting pros and cons of each candidate in a features matrix. Implemented selected software and trained users.

Wrote a migration plan to convert a corporate network from Netware to Windows-based servers and workstations, including a cost benefit analysis. Purchased and installed hardware and assisted other consultants to install software. Migrated data and trained users.

Co-authored a plan to migrate a manufacturing company from custom written software and paper-based systems to an integrated business management system. Subsequently helped implement the system, including installing hardware and software, configuring and testing software, migrating data, and training users.

Enhanced a time-billing system with tens of new reports using data from existing database plus a new database. Programmed a bidirectional interface between the time billing system and a data collection system. Documented all enhancements and related procedures in a manual.

Designed an Outlook-based corporate contact / mailing list using VBA.

Designed a VBA module for a sophisticated oil and gas spreadsheet to enable it to selectively or globally convert units of measure from Metric to English at the click of a button.

Documented all reports printed by the various computer systems of a publishing company, defining all report fields and information flows. The documentation was housed in an web wiki which enabled searching, drill down to field definitions, and where used queries. Pointed out reporting inconsistencies and made recommendations for consistency and efficiency improvements. 

Implemented dozens of applications in a networked environment, creating scripts as necessary to automatically install software and adapt single-user software to a networked environment.

Designed spreadsheets to fill business reporting requirements like sales analysis, property valuation, order tracking, cost benefit analysis, etc.

Project Management

Implicit in the process of system integration is a need to manage projects. While The Tech Experts has not managed any projects yet on a consulting basis, our experts have experience managing projects at other companies.